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Bags to Beds is an aspiring non-profit designed to reduce waste while raising awareness and creating useful resources for individuals experiencing homelessness. Plarn mats have been made in several places before, but never in a sustained, community-wide effort in Utah or the Salt Lake Valley.

Plastic grocery bags are collected from the community and then cut and tied into plastic yarn (plarn). This yarn is then crocheted into mats that people can sleep on in the winter, to insulate themselves from the cold ground. This project is accessible at every step, and utilizes volunteers in bag collection, cutting and tying, as well as crocheting and mat distribution.

Our Process

  • Step 1

    Bag collection

    Approximately 40,000 plastic grocery bags will be used to meet our goal of 100 mats by the start of winter in 2018.

  • Step 2

    Plarn making

    Plastic grocery bags are cut into 2” strips and then tied together to make plastic yarn balls (plarn).

  • Step 3


    Plarn is then crocheted into a 32” x 6’ sleeping mat, which is the standard size for a large sleeping pad.

  • Step 4

    Mat Donation

    Once our goal is reached, sleeping mats will be distributed to individuals in the community who need them.

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